Website moving day

After a long time of thinking it over, I decided to move away from hosting my own WordPress installation on my website. The upkeep, security and headaches were simply not worth the effort it was taking to maintain it. Not to mention that I blog so infrequently it seemed like overkill to keep maintaining my own. The final straw was that for the last few months, my security plugins were giving me updates on the brute force login attempts. The software was blocking all these attempts, but when I looked at it last, there were about 3 or 4 IP’s per day being blocked for exceeding the login attempt limit, and when I looked at the realtime data, there were login attempts happening at the rate of 10 or more an hour from all over the planet. Bots I assume, but the all represented a possible user gaining access to my site.

WordPress is great, but for an amateur web guy like myself, it was too much to try and do on my own. So, I’m moving my blog to, where hopefully they can look after all the security and issues with that. My domain will still exist as a portal, and possible a portfolio that I can maintain in a simpler way. There’s a link on that site┬áthat will point to here. I’ve also registered this site as and that points here as well. Just because.

So, if you’ve got me in a feed reader (which has been really quiet…) you might want to update the feed. Or just follow me on Twitter. Which is likely how you got here in the first place, so.. yeah.