A. Goals


With the Solar System unit in this course, we created a series of learning goals and success criteria that were referred to throughout the time spent on the learning. This activity was designed as the unit culminating task to allow students to demonstrate in many different ways how they had achieved their understanding of the goals.

As a side note, this course Grade 11 Astronomy, is an open level, locally developed course that we’ve been running at East Northumberland Secondary School since 2006. The course grew out of students interest in astronomy and desire to have an in-depth course at the senior level.

Unit – Learning Goals/Success Criteria

Exploring the Solar System
LG1: We are learning how humans have explored the solar system and what benefits have come from that exploration.
LG2: We are learning to investigate the properties and characteristics of the objects in the solar system.
LG3: We are learning to compare different solar system objects in order to understand more about them.
SC1: I am able to determine if space exploration is a benefit to society and justify my reasoning with evidence.
SC2: I can able to carry out investigations about solar system objects using a variety of sources including my own observations.
SC3: I can explain how different technologies are used in exploring the night sky and the solar system.
SC4: I can describe the evidence for the formation of the solar system.
SC5: I can describe the components and characteristics of the solar system. (sun, planets, asteroids, comets etc..)

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