F. Ongoing Professional Learning

OCT Standard: Ongoing Professional Learning 
Members recognize that a commitment to ongoing professional learning is integral to effective practice and to student learning. Professional practice and self-directed learning are informed by experience, research, collaboration and knowledge.

Rationale: One of the newest areas for professional learning in Ontario is the area of assessment. With the implementation of Growing Success as a policy document, teachers around the province have been engaged in learning about the various facets contained within it. As they come to understand the ideas such as Assessment For/As/Of Learning, the use of Learning Goals, Success Criteria and Descriptive feedback, and how to assess and report in a criterion based system, rather than a norm -based one they have changed what happens in the classroom. This assignment helped to show how some of those changes could be communicated to the parents of the children in the system. This not only helps them to understand the changes in the province, but also serves to give the teachers a way to consolidate and demonstrate their newly minted understanding of the changes in assessment policy.

Assignment/Reflection: Brochure

Assessment and Learning Brochure


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