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  1. Ash · July 2, 2013

    I was googling ‘Outdoor schooling” or something of the like, when I came across your name on the Peterborough Examiner, “Teacher on Arctic climate change trip”. The only reason I strayed from my quest to find an outdoor pre-education program for my toddler, is because I recognized your name as though it had leapt off the page. Which eventually got me here.
    I was part of the class of 2005, which seems like a lifetime ago. You probably don’t remember me from the multitude of students you see every year, and that’s okay. The reason I’m writing this to you, is not only because of the stumble I made across your name, but also because of the three teachers I have any fond memory of, you were one of them.
    Across the hall from Mr. Moore, I took one of your physics classes, though I can’t remember the year or grade. You will likely remember the foreign exchange student Kitty, it was her whose class I was part of.
    I just wanted to say thank you for one specific, yet miniscule project that has helped me strike a small blow in this world. We were asked to take a photo and write a small paragraph of the physics behind it. One of the only grades in your glass (and many others) I managed to excel in.
    It took me years, but I have since motivated building my own reputation, starting with photographing friends and family. I have progressed since to birth photography, and essentially life photography.
    Because of one small, yet special to me project.
    Sometimes I wonder how different things would have been, had I been placed in a different situation. I realize I was dealt a difficult hand of cards, but can only place the blame on myself. Please just remember, sometimes the small things are what people hold onto. Sometimes, the quiet person sitting at a desk, seemingly ignorant or oblivious to the words on the chalk board needs a metaphorical kick in the ass. I may not have excelled completely in the classroom, and it may have taken years for me to realize it, but that one miniscule speck of a project reminded me, and encouraged me, to actually do what I love.


    An old student.


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