WordPress iOS

Hey, I like it. I just updated the WordPress iOS app on my iPad, and I’m trying it out. I’ve got my external Bluetooth keyboard going, because I really don’t do very well typing on the iPad. It’s ok for a quick tweet or two, but I much prefer a real keyboard. WordPress just updated their app, and I thought I’d give it a whirl. I like that they made a few things much easier than their previous version. We can now bold words very easily, as well as other tasks like making a link to an outside page. I know a little bit of HTML, enough to get by, but not having to think about it makes life much easier with this.

20110925-211022.jpg I think it has always handled images ok, but I pulled one of my library to upload and see what it look like and how it deals with it. If you blog, and have a WordPress blog and an iOS device, it might be worth updating your app, or getting it for the first time to give a try.

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