Echos of #ecoo11

It’s been a few days now since the end of #ecoo11. It was quite possibly the best conference experience I’ve had. The 3 days were filled with learning, laughing and conversations with some of the smartest and most dedicated educators I’ve ever met. I’m not sure that I can do justice to things that are in my head, but I thought I’d try to add a few highlights to those that have been made already.

Highlights List

  • Presenting sessions with the likes of @danikabarker and @ITnorma (who was generous enough to fill in as co-host for our recording of This Week in Science and Education podcast)
  • Attending sessions with folks like @shannoninottawa, @gcouros (via Skype), @pmcash and of course keynotes @willrich45 and @snbeach
  • Thanks to the organization skills of @aforgrave, jamming in the glassed-in fishbowl-like area on Friday night with @kevinhoneycutt and @waltguitar
  • Hearing the results of that jam later on #ds106radio
  • Sharing a Minds on Media station with @techguy1717 as we explored Photoshop and other tools to work with images
  • The general feeling of community and fun that pervaded the entire conference.

Of course, you can’t post a bit about ECOO11 without thanking all the organizers (and there were a lot!)  Particular thanks and hugs to @brendasherry and @peterskillen for their inspiration and perspiration for the year leading up to it.

As for those echos, there are projects beginning that saw their birth around tables and over coffees in the rooms and halls of ECOO11. I think that we’ve realized that only having a few days of these conversations is not enough, so things are cooking up that will enable them to continue and lead us right back into ECOO12.

Can’t wait to see what happens next. And I’m not talking about next year. Keep your eyes peeled for the newly minted Critical Thinking Chat on Twitter (#CTChat) courtesy @taniasterling and @digitalnative 

Oh, and there will be Edupunk.

#ecoo Guitar Jam

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  2. Peter Skillen · October 28, 2011

    Hey Colin,
    What a trip we are all on these days. I have never experienced anything like it in my whole career! And, yeah, that’s LONG! 🙂

    You say, “The general feeling of community and fun that pervaded the entire conference” — Yes. Just phenomenal. I am so impressed with this. The recognition that all of us built that conference resonates with me deeply. Brenda and I were highly visible because of our roles – but we are sometimes quite uncomfortable because it is our role to introduce and emcee the deal and we truly and deeply understand that we can organize til we are blue in the face, but are extremely aware that the power of community is built by the love, passion, energy and talents of all in attendance. Including you, my friend.


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