TWiSE #64 – Earth Science @ Waterloo

VROC just posted episode 64 of This Week in Science and Education, where Kevin and I visit the Earth Science Museum at the University of Waterloo.  It’s a very cool place with lots of things to see when you visit there. If you live in the London area, you should check it out. If you teach in the area, it would make a great spot for a class visit to learn about geology.

It’s worth watching the whole episode to see the whole thing, but I want to link a specific part here. I had the opportunity to talk to Kathy Feick, who is a 3rd year student at Waterloo.  We had a short conversation about what she does at the Museum and also about the kinds of things that she has learned about being a university student and what high school students and teachers can consider in order to help with that transition. Click here to jump to the specific part of the episode where we discuss this, or watch the whole thing embedded below. (Jump to 16:09 if you want to just see the discussion I’m talking about)

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