Maintaining a Web Presence

So, today was fun. I got an email this morning that I had a new comment to approve on my website, and tapped my way to the WordPress app to do just that. When I did it, I recieved an error message. Then I moved to my laptop and attempted to get to it that way. It wouldn’t load, and I was getting server error messages.  I logged into the admin section of my web hosting service, and was unable to get to specific management components. 

uh oh. Sigh…. 

So, I sent off some messages and tweets to them, and waited. Quite soon, they replied to me and I went thru a series of troubleshooting with them via Twitter, live chat and email. Turns out, for some reason, my IP was being blocked on their server end. So I couldn’t get to my own site, even though it was freely available on the web for everyone else. I’m still not sure what the cause of the blacklisting was, and I’m hoping to hear back from the that it was just a glitch and not something I need to worry about.   But after my email hacking earlier in the week, I’m a little bit nervous of my web security. 

So, huge kudos to the folks at Doteasy, as they are quick to help and come to my rescue. Thanks a bunch! 

BUT, and there’a always a but, I’m not starting to wonder about the value of maintaining my own webspace. It seems that it might be simpler to leave this kind of maintenace to another provider. I’m also wondering about dumping some of my lesser used spaces online, as I’m not sure that having them has provided me any value, other than a long list of sites and passwords.

Something else to ponder as we head to a new year. Time for a cleanout maybe? 

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