Intro Guitar Class

I’ve just joined a open class offered up by @bryanjack. He’s teaching intro guitar at his school, and opened up the class to the web. I’ve been thinking about how to play more and learn more guitar and music lately, and this seems to be a great idea. A community of players of all abilities working together, jamming and learning. Mostly I hope to get some motivation out of it. Learning some new things about songwriting, recording etc.. but mainly its the community of players that is the best thing. Really looking forward to seeing what students create, both in his class, and the online motley crew that he’s gathering together.

You can see my intro post and video over at the class website.

Rock on!



  1. Andrew Forgrave · February 2, 2013

    I’m hoping to get an intro posted later this afternoon, Colin! Agreed on the motivation aspect. I’ve been essentially plunking away at one guitar piece for a year now, and my boys are setting a rapidly increasing pace around here. Hope we can connect and jam some weekend!


    • colin · February 2, 2013

      Absolutely. Nothing like a good group to motivate each other!


  2. bryanjack · February 15, 2013

    Indeed – Forgrave: get in there!

    Really appreciate the momentum you’ve lent the course so far, Colin! Other than the joy that comes from playing music *with* people, the fraternity of guitar playing that has sprung up around our little blog has been awesome so far… and it’s only begun.

    Looking forward to seeing what we do in the next few months.


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