Gamification Infographic

This came across my Twitter feed today (thanks @peterskillen), and I found it fascinating. I’ve been thinking about gamification in education, and ways that it might be of use. I found lots of things to consider and think about in this graphic. Have a look. What do you think?

Gamification of Education

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media


  1. Diana · February 25, 2012

    Hi Colin,
    Thanks for the infographic, although I must confess, it makes me nervous.
    I don’t want people to think that if they merely harvest certain aspects of games, they can reap student engagement. That does a disservice to both games and to learning. The timeline is a bit misleading – although Whyville was created with an educational purpose in mind (specifically, to interest girls in science and math), I don’t know if or how some of those others belong there. I’d recommend reading James Paul Gee’s book for a more powerful take on gaming and learning – or you can visit an upcoming webinar at on March 5 about gaming – one of the sections deals with the difference between appropriating and embracing games at school. Let’s talk more! No offense meant.


  2. colin · February 25, 2012

    Hey Diana, thanks for that. I’ll freely admit that I don’t know much about the whole gamification concept, and that this struck me as an interesting starting point. I totally agree that you can’t simplify something like this down to a graphic. I just found it interesting. I’ll see if I can join the webinar for sure to learn some more, as I do find the whole concept fascinating.


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