It’s lunch time as I type away at my keyboard to write this. I just finished a very enjoyable 45 minutes listening to 105theHive as they streamed music and critical commentary through the web from their classroom using their home-built internet radio station. Kudos go to @hdurnin and @glassbeed for their efforts to lead this project with their students.

While this was happening live, I was keeping on eye on The Twitter as well. The students were tweeting from @105theHive and responding to a number of people, adults and students around the world as they played their music.  I was particularly struck as @gill_ville had her students tweeting along with the students at 105theHive and asking questions and interacting through their class Twitter account @gill_villeans.

At the same time, @Grade1 had her primary students tweeting out retelling and doing character analysis from the story The 3 Little Pigs.

Three different classes, three different project foci, and all interacting with the world in new and exciting ways.

In the meantime, I have just read an email from a friend who has been told to essentially ‘cease and desist’ from all social media efforts. The administration doesn’t support it, and in my view, doesn’t understand it, and quite likely is scared of it.

So. Which group of students will likely remember what they did in school today, and transfer that learning to a lifetime of learning?

Just wondering…

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