Upgrading blues

I saw recently that WordPress had released a major upgrade to version 3.5. But I hadn’t bothered to upgrade my site until just yesterday. I noticed that Dean Shareski had tweeted that he noticed some things had seemed to be not working on his site after the upgrade. I took a look at my site, and lo and behold, had the same issues. The updated Media Uploader button won’t work, and the ability to toggle from WYSIWYG editing to Text/HTML editing wasn’t working either.

So, off the the WordPress forums I went, and found that a number of folks had the same issue. After some digging through some posts and very technical information to try and troubleshoot it, I found a post where they suggested disabling ALL the plugins on the site, and seeing if that fixed it. Then turning them back on one at a time to see which one broke everything.

I don’t use a lot of plugins, but I do have a few for my widgets and stuff on the sidebar, spam protector etc… So, when I turned them all off, the site worked, and I was able to regain all functionality.  So I started turning the plugins back on one by one, and then trying a test post in draft to see if it worked. I finally found that the plugin I was using to display Flickr images in the sidebar was the one that made everything stop working. So now, I’m on the hunt for a new Flickr widget. Any suggestions?

As I was troubleshooting this, and going through a logical, step-by-step procedure it struck me how I didn’t really even think about how to approach the problem, I just did it. I guess having a basic programming understanding and some logical troubleshoot skills comes in handy. I wonder if everyone would have approached this problem the same way?

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