Non-Extreme Makeover. Blog Edition.

After upgrading to the newest WordPress 3.5 release, I had a few issues to sort out with the blog. After getting all that squared away and everything running smoothly again, I got looking at the layout and design of the blog.  The theme that I had chosen was now out of date, and a new one was available as a version II. So, I updated that too. 

This is the now running Weaver II as the theme, with a subtheme called Wheat. It’s pretty much the same as the other one, but has much more customizable features that you can play with. 

I also updated, moved and tidied up the widgets in the sidebar to make them flow a bit better.  And as a finishing touch, I dug through my photos and found a new one for the header image. 

Overall, a good use of time, and I’m happy with the new digs. Good way to finish the year and get ready for 2013 blogging. 

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