It’s lunch time as I type away at my keyboard to write this. I just finished a very enjoyable 45 minutes listening to 105theHive as they streamed music and critical commentary through the web from their classroom using their home-built internet radio station. Kudos go to @hdurnin and @glassbeed for their efforts to lead this project with their students.

While this was happening live, I was keeping on eye on The Twitter as well. The students were tweeting from @105theHive and responding to a number of people, adults and students around the world as they played their music.  I was particularly struck as @gill_ville had her students tweeting along with the students at 105theHive and asking questions and interacting through their class Twitter account @gill_villeans.

At the same time, @Grade1 had her primary students tweeting out retelling and doing character analysis from the story The 3 Little Pigs.

Three different classes, three different project foci, and all interacting with the world in new and exciting ways.

In the meantime, I have just read an email from a friend who has been told to essentially ‘cease and desist’ from all social media efforts. The administration doesn’t support it, and in my view, doesn’t understand it, and quite likely is scared of it.

So. Which group of students will likely remember what they did in school today, and transfer that learning to a lifetime of learning?

Just wondering…

Meme: #analoguerocks

I noticed a post by @royanlee over at his blog, where he talked about his kids still getting much enjoyment out of a piece of analogue technology, in his case it was a paper book, rather than a digital one. I’m not sure about the definition of analogue v.s. digital, but I totally get the concept.

So, of course, that got me to thinking. And my favorite pastime, digital or non, is music. I love playing guitar, and I have several of them. Acoustic, Electric, 6-string, 12-string, steel-string, nylon-string. You get the idea. There’s even a few mandolins in my basement music room for good measure. There is not much that can beat the feeling you get from just a few minutes of picking up a beat up old acoustic guitar and strumming away at the end of a long day.  It rocks. In every sense of the word.

Honestly, I’ve never liked much digital based music, house, electronica, rap, dance etc… Just never enjoyed it. Give me a singer-songwriter with an old guitar any day.  I have started playing with using iDevices for making music, but more often than not, find myself plugging a real instrument into them to record things, rather than use the digital instruments.  There is just something so satisfying about making the music yourself, no matter how much it doesn’t sound the way you wish it would.

And don’t get me started on Guitar Hero.

So, to continue Royan’s meme, I took a montage of photos of some of my instruments, and assembled them below.


Analogue Rocks

This is getting old…

I got another message that my website was infected and Google was putting up warnings again. I have no clue what is going on, but don’t have the time or energy to deal with it. So welcome back to WordPress.com! I just set my domain on autoforward to point to my old blog. I’m going to have to decide what to do here. Do I continue to fight the malware fight on my own hosted domain, or do I just use wordpress.com and not worry about it.

We shall see….

Mystery and Fun of Flickr Explore

Beach, Dog and Fog

I took this picture last week. I was passing through Cobourg and popped down to the beach to see if there was anything interesting to photograph.  This man was playing catch with his dog. It was really foggy and you could barely even see the lake from the walking path. I snapped a few pics and moved on. I didn’t even use it for the @dailyshoot topic for that day which was to make a high contast photo.

On Sunday, I wanted a photo for addition to the Sliders Sunday group on Flickr. Basically, the goal of this group is to take a photo and post process it to make it interesting. I opened this photo in Aperture 3, and started clicking and sliding. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure what I did. I know it was a sepia-like thing, and then I played with contrast, saturation, exposure and maybe some other things. I just kept messing around until I liked the look I achieved.

I recieved a few comments, a handful of people favorited it as well. Then someone mentioned Explore, which is a Flickr feature whereby photos are highlighted and added to a group that is one of the main areas of Flickr for just, well, exploring and finding interesting photos. I’m not sure how this all quite comes about, and apparently it’s a bit of mystery as to how photos get found and selected.  So with some interest I clicked the link that was provided, and found my photo was part of the group selected for Explore for that day.

So, in the last week, that photo has had over 300 views, 16 comments and 21 faves. Crazy. This blows away all my previous photo efforts for photo views. Goes to show what fun things can happen when you share your work and put it out in communities for others to see. Once in a while what you produce strikes a chord.

If you’ve not checked out some of the Flickr communities and groups, and you enjoy taking photos, I encourage you to do so. It’s another vibrant and interesting social network to be sure.

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